A Study of Freddie Mercury’s Legendary Vocals


This is a pretty cool study and a very interesting read!


Miss Me? The Music of BBC’s Sherlock

For those who have seen Sherlock, you understand that first bit. Moriarty. For those who have not seen Sherlock, do so immediately. For my U.S. friends, it’s on BBC America sometimes, PBS, Netflix and DVD.

One part I really enjoy about Sherlock is the music. This nice medley video has part of the music. It has a unique sound and some music plays at some parts of the episodes, allowing the viewer to know when the scene is about to change, a comedic bit is coming up, or if the episode is over. You listen to Also sprach Zarathustra and think 2001: A Space Odyssey. You listen to this music and think Sherlock. It also helps to watch the show. Just enjoy the music.

Did you miss me? I’m back.

Star Wars – Imperial March in a major key

I always find it interesting to listen to songs in the opposite key they were originally written. This one is no exception. Sounding oddly happy and perhaps even victorious, this may be the Imperial’s theme in an alternate universe in which they were defeated the rebels. In any way, it’s weird, but I’ll always prefer the daunting, intimidating minor key version.

The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

While I’m one for the original versions of songs, this one is something different. It’s a nice hard rock/metal version and strays just a little from the original.

Looking past the many close-ups and excessive but well hidden pitch correction, it is a nice, impassioned performance. Perhaps it is excessively so or is over the top, but doesn’t the song and lyrics warrant more passion than what Simon and Garfunkel performed?

Also, hello I’m back and will be posting more often in 2016!

Happy birthday Bohemian Rhapsody!

Tomorrow, October 31, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of one of the greatest rock songs of all-time, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Three months prior to its release, four budding rock gods sat in a studio working on the composition which was the brainchild of singer Freddie Mercury, a man who just a few years prior was a relative unknown artist. Taking three weeks to record and requiring over 180 overdubs of recording tape, the musical masterpiece proved not only groundbreaking and innovative both musically and lyrically, but commercially successful as well. Freddie’s passionate vocals, guitarist Brian May’s counter-melodies, bassist John Deacon’s cornerstone bass parts and drummer Roger Taylor’s rhythmic beats proved to be a winning combination for a song commonly listed among the top 3 rock song of all-time.

Bohemian Rhapsody still enjoys success today, as it should. Despite 40 years of technological progress, it still sounds current and it still stands out amongst the music of today.

Happy Birthday, Bohemian Rhapsody!

Halloween Song #4: Stevie Wonder – Superstition

Featuring one of the best known funk beats in music history, Superstition by Stevie Wonder mentions several popular superstitions and their negative effects.

It fits best as a Halloween song I think with things like writing on the wall and the devil, it works. In addition, the song is heard near the beginning of the 1982 horror film The Thing, thereby furthering its association with Halloween.

Just enjoy this classic!

Halloween Song #3: Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

It’s not Halloween without Ghostbusters!

Released in 1989, the title track to the hit film Ghostbusters is a very 1980s/1990s music video. With the award for Best Use of Extensive Neon Outlining, this catchy tune with gratuitous celeb cameos quickly passed into the annals of Halloween and film theme music history.

In order, the celeb appearance yelling “Ghostbusters” are: Chevy Chase (twice), Irene Cara, John Candy, Melissa Gilbert, Ollie E. Brown, Jeffrey Tambor, George Wendt, Al Franken (who is now a U.S. Senator), Danny DeVito (with hair), Carly Simon, Peter Falk, and Teri Garr.

One also cannot overlook the obligatory walk around New York City shots and crude superimposing (1:43 for example).

I had mostly forgotten about this one so do enjoy it!